Sunday, May 2, 2010

Talk To Me, Baby

This place has been quiet lately, but I'm gonna try to put some more stuff up this month. Here's something I whipped out earlier today - over on ToonZone, some folks in the Disney forum are discussing A Goofy Movie. It's generally regarded as a cult classic among '90s kids like myself, and even though I think it had some flaws (I maintain that it probably shouldn't have been a musical), I really like the way it captures the air of mid-1990s teenage culture. It kinda influenced "Forever 16" in that regard, so I definitely have to give the movie credit.

And after being reminded of the movie, I had the urge to draw Stacy and Roxanne. Gosh, they're cute, aren't they?


  1. I think it's thanks to this movie that won my heart for "nerdy" girls. Superb work on both these two =)

  2. Yes, they're pretty cute. That was a pretty good movie as well.

  3. When I was actually living in the 1990s, the fashions didn't phase me but boy they sure do now.
    Did we REALLY wear that much neon and pastel clothing? I remember dressing boyish from 3rd to 6th grade (Baggy jeans with rip holes, oversized t-shirts with ghettoized Looney Tunes and Nikes). I also had an obsession with playing basketball and soccer as they seemed to be the sports at that time.