Monday, May 3, 2010

Dive Talkin'

I was talking with Mat-The-Hedgehog recently about how there have been a couple of episodes of "Pokémon" where characters have been able to speak clearly underwater with no explanation as to why. Probably the most famous example is the "Revenge Match at Hanada Gym" episode of "Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station", wherein Kasumi talks to her Pokémon underwater and even commands Gyarados in an underwater battle. And yet she still has to hold her breath. Gah, the physics of "Pokémon" could drive Stephen Hawking insane.

Anyway, it inspired me into drawing this. Whenever I draw Pokémon art, I try to apply a bit more real-world logic to the characters, which I know is ironic considering we're talking about a show where small monsters shoot fire and water and electricity at each other all day and nobody dies. But I couldn't resist throwing this logical wrench into the works - Hikari and Satoshi decide to have an underwater battle, only to discover that they can't command their Pokémon through a mouthful of bubbles. Dur-hey...

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