Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blitzball, Cosplay, and Other Geeky Things

I actually started this two weeks ago, but it took me 'til today to finish. Never let it be said that I'm not devoted!

The concept of blitzball from Final Fantasy X really grabs my interest, despite the fact that I've never actually played a FF game. But hey, a sport that's played entirely underwater is bound to get my attention one way or another. I thought it might be fun to draw Tidus training a newcomer to the game - in this case, Sora from Kingdom Hearts (the only FF-related game that I have any sort of experience playing). Turns out, he's pretty darn good at it!

On a semi-related note, when I was searching for blitzball reference pictures on DeviantArt, I came across numerous photos of people cosplaying as Tidus, including a nice seaside set from an artist named Risachantag (here, see for yourself). I used to think cosplayers were just the ultimate geeks, but now I'm beginning to realize that there's some artistic merit to be found in the activity. I'd like to try it myself sometime - I talked about it once with one of my former coworkers, and he said I could probably pull off a decent costume of Satoshi from "Pokémon", which is right up my alley. I already have the right hair color and length, and his Kanto-era outfit is a pretty easy costume to make. I could collaborate with my friend Missi (a.k.a. AUMAKUA23 on DeviantArt), who's both a photographer and a seamstress who's done some very elaborate costumes in the past. I'll let you folks know how it develops!


  1. You as Satoshi? Reasonable starting point in Cosplay-making. But if it involves sowing and stuff, be sure to have a bit of practice first. Sounds difficult...

  2. I see that you're getting better at drawing. This has to be one of your best underwater drawings to date.

    As for cosplay, it does take quite a bit of work and practice and sewing...