Sunday, February 14, 2010

Who Wants Cookies?

T-shirts with stuff on 'em make up a significant part of my wardrobe. I like shirts that say "Check me out, world, this is what I watch on TV." I have exactly one "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" t-shirt, the one with the house and a big group shot of imaginary friends going around to the back...but I don't wear it much because Cheese is front and center on it. (And I think we all know my thoughts on Cheese.)

If they made "Foster's" shirts with Frankie on 'em, though, I'd wear them all the time. And so I started kicking around ideas for what one might look like. This is one of two ideas I had, based on Frankie's one weakness. God help her, she just loves those cookies.


  1. You could always send a sample of your work to Walgreens and they could put it on a shirt. It would be a one of a kind Frankie design by JB!

    I have no idea why people like Cheese.

  2. Well, if a T-shirt's telling me to raid the cookie jar, it must be a smart move!

    Hmm, LDLAWRENCE might be onto something here. I think there's a site called Spreadshirt that lets you put whatever you want on a blank T-shirt...

  3. "I have no idea why people like Cheese."

    Two words: Candi Milo.

    Heck, if this were a t-shirt one day, I'd gladly buy it - as well as boosting the sale for cookies everywhere!

  4. Probably your best Frankie drawing to date.

  5. she sure can;t get enough of those cookies lol, oh and JB, its HeartlessSlayer XD

  6. I'll never surrender. PIZZA FOREVER! 12.95!