Saturday, February 27, 2010

Michelle's Underwater Room

Inspired by a series of photos I found on Flickr, I decided to draw Michelle typing away on her computer underwater. And then I went the extra mile and decided to put her entire bedroom underwater - it's been a while since I did the whole flooded room concept. I may end up turning this into a series featuring all the "Forever 16" kids in submerged bedrooms. I already have concepts in mind for the others.

It's hard to see 'cause of the blur I put on here, but the books on Michelle's shelf provide some insight into her interests. There's a lot of computer science and web design stuff, along with books on art and animation. She's definitely one of the more expressive kids in the group - I mentioned earlier that I'd thought of putting her on the swim team, but now I've decided to divide her time between computer studies and art studies. I think she'll make a good painter.


  1. This looks nice, and I like the blur effect. Michelle's in there also, which I think is neat.

  2. A good painter, eh? I suppose she'll be popular with watercolours then.....tiddy boom XP

    Getting serious now, your water pieces never fail to impress and inspire, especially since each new work you produce shows you developing a new skill each time. Good touch, too, to add an early edition of Animation Art there - very nice :)

  3. Ha! Animation Art! I have that book.

    I agree with MDetector5, the blur really does add the feel that she's underwater.

  4. A-ha! I see a few odds and ends through the blurriness! Let's see... Mac Programming, Animation Art, the Beauty and the Beast (although that one's pretty clear)... can't make out much else though. So much detail there, too, very awesome.

    As for the blur effect itself, this makes it look like you are actually underwater with her minus goggles. If the picture was taken with a waterproof camera, there would be little or no blur, depending on how clear the water is. So... the blur make you feel like you're really there, using that logic.