Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Hear Voices

I think any cartoonist has gone through the process of trying to pin down voices for their characters. It took me a while to figure out exactly who I hear speaking when I read my "Forever 16" comics in my head, but here's what I came up with.

Joel Maxwell – Jonah Hill. He has that perfect mix of intelligent and juvenile that I think fits Joel perfectly.
Katy Maxwell – Ashley Tisdale. Vapid, shallow, and easily riled. What better way to describe Katy?
Tina Maxwell – Kathy Bates. Very matronly when she needs to be, but also full of sound and fury.
William Maxwell – Chevy Chase. Beaten, downtrodden, easily defeated, and incredibly gullible.
Aaron West – Will Friedle. That perfect tone that makes him sound like he only thinks he knows it all.
Michelle Hsien – Alyson Hannigan. Smart, considerate, and very playful, without sounding the least bit ditzy.
Jocelyn Stafford – Alecia Beth Moore (a.k.a. Pink). Harsh, voracious, and unrestrained, she's the ideal match for Jocelyn's spontaneous bursts of individuality.
Steve Nelson – Jason Mewes. Very quiet and subdued, but also capable of being wild and strung out.
Ashleigh Russo – Jenna Von Oy. An energetic fast-talker, exactly the way I've always envisioned Ashleigh from the start.
Abby Morgenstein – America Ferrera. Not only is the voice a great match, she also served as the physical inspiration for Abby; I can't imagine anyone else doing her voice.

I like to keep these in mind in case "Forever 16" ever makes it into animated form. Though I support the idea of casting professional voice actors, I made this list to reflect the celebrity-casting trend that's been prominent in animated features lately, since if I did get to animate these characters, I'd want it to be in the form of a movie. When Pixar casts their movies, they go based on how well the voice fits the character, which is exactly what I tried to do here.


  1. Cool voice-casting choices, Jesse- so far, for my characters, I could imagine Rainn Wilson as Quacklad and Ellen Page as Tyrra :D

  2. Good stuff, very good stuff. Particulary like the choices for Aaron, Ashleigh and Abby - *especially* Abby 8-)

    Although it does leave me curious, if you had your own way, on who your voice choices would be if you had to choose everyday people around you (friends, family, etc).

  3. Chris Sig speaks a good question... I've have no idea what voices the folks on Incarnadine would go by; the accents maybe, but not the voices.

    And if you had the potential to make a small Forever 16 toon on Flash, your friends would be the best bet. Unless you can pay the above a ton!

  4. Sorry to go off topic, but as a LT fan, you should see this:

  5. All I know is I want Keith Davids to do his Goliath voice for Severin-Boy. The rest, I don't know.
    (P.S, am I witnessing cartoon voice cast that lacks Tom Kenndy? Say it ain't so!).

  6. I'm actually surprised by your choices. My casting ideas consisted of both professional and celebrity voice stars:

    Joel Maxwell – Tobey Maguire
    Katy Maxwell – Mae Whitman
    Tina Maxwell – Grey Delisle
    William Maxwell – Jamie Hyneman
    Aaron West – Will Friedle (Great minds think alike. This is the only one I did think of that's the same as yours!)
    Michelle Hsien – Katie Leung
    Jocelyn Stafford – Tara Strong
    Steve Nelson – Jonah Hill
    Ashleigh Russo – Anne Hathaway
    Abby Morgenstein – Emily Browning

    It's LoudNoises from deviantART, BTW.