Friday, April 2, 2010

You Said a Mouthful

I know I've been underwater a lot this week, but I can't seem to help it - all my inspiration seems to be coming from under the sea right now. Case in point: in the course of my regular browsing, I recently came across a music video on YouTube from Swedish pop singer Nilla Nielsen. The song is called "Just Dance" (and thankfully, no, it's not a Lady Gaga cover), and she "sings" the whole thing underwater. What really caught my eye was the way there always seems to be a big bubble at the roof of her mouth while she's lip-syncing (it's especially evident at 1:42 into the video), and I thought "That'd be cool to draw." Somehow it seemed to fit that Jocelyn should be the one to emulate it - she's the musically inclined female in my cast of characters, and as I've established in the past, she does have a singer's voice.

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